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Fox Angels Foundation is a non-profit organisation, with its sanctuary based in a secret UK location.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many foxes as possible. 


Unfortunately, there are some foxes who cannot go back into their natural habitat, so they will stay in our care forever. 


These foxes may become a permanent resident due to physical disability, a neurological condition, or from being transferred by a rescue centre.  Sometimes they can sadly be a pet who's no longer wanted, but is too 'tame' to release back into the wild.

How it all began:

The story starts back in 2013 when, at the side of the road, was this helpless little cub roughly two weeks old.  We carefully lifted the little cub and took it straight to vets to get a thorough examination. Upon this, we found out that 'Scarlett' our wee cub had a slipping patella so there was no way this little red was ever going to be released into the wild.

We finally brought her home and bottle & hand fed her until she was old enough to feed herself. Wow, what an appetite this tiny little ball of fur in our hands had!


Eventually, we got a labradoodle, Oscar who is her best friend to this very day.

Over the course of time we grew and ended up helping lots of other foxes.  Now we house quite a few that cannot be released.  We also work with other fox organisations and individuals helping injured and sick foxes in the wild.

See the video below - from 2014 - of Scarlett playing with Oscar and Darla the silver fox in her old enclosure:

Scarlett the fox cub

Scarlett the fox cub

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