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6th August - Susann rescued Chris, a gorgeous fox with a nasty, infected wound on his neck and he was very weak.

Foxangels made many calls to find a fox-friendly vet in the area who could help. Eventually we found find one who could clean Chris' wound and keep him in overnight on fluids.

The vets contacted Susann with a lovely photo of Chris looking at the camera and to say Chris was, in fact, a girl! She was covered in ticks and maggots, but she was holding her own.

Despite the very best vet care, Chris slipped peacefully away during the night. We are all devastated, but her little body was just too weak to fight anymore.

It could have been so much worse had Susann not rescued her, but at least Chris was warm, comfortable and out of pain.

Thank you to everyone who was part of Chris' story, including Angie Paterson who never ever says no. Plus the amazing vets who went above and beyond.

Rest in peace little one. 🦊💔

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