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3rd August - a very sad story, but one that encompasses all the emotions of a rescue.

Foxangels received a message from 'H' to say a fox had collapsed in her garden.

The area was somewhere that has very little rescue cover but, thanks to two of our amazing volunteers - Kate and Paul - this handsome fox we called Felipe was collected and taken straight to a vet.

Sadly the vet diagnosed a shattered spine and nothing could be done to save him. Felipe was put to sleep, but he didn’t die alone and in pain, which was the best outcome for this poor soul.

Rest in peace Felipe, your life mattered so very much.

Foxangels Foundation is run by volunteers and we are so very grateful for any donations that keep us going.

Thank you H for caring enough to let us know about Felipe, to our volunteers who make this work possible and to everyone who supports us.

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