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Late night dash! The rescue of Basil the fox cub

We were contacted late at night about a cub involved in an RTA. He was unable to use his back legs and hid in a nearby bush. We contacted an amazing rescue called Moonstone Rescue who said they could swiftly act as they were located to where the cub was located. The kind person who contacted us agreed to meet the rescuers and show them where he was.

The cub was taken to the Medivet where he was stabilized, and this led onto an operation an operation costing in the region of £1,500. This operation was required to repair both his back legs which had been broken, so they reset his legs and pinned them. He was also given a good diet to bulk him up as he was malnourished and needs physiotherapy.

He has since been taken back to Moonstone for rest for the next month or 2. He is able to stand now for short periods so is showing signs of improvement. Hopefully he will fully recover so he can be released and then have a normal fox life in the wild.

Foxangels and Moonstone Rescue are working side by side to ensure Basil gets the best care. Thank you for all involved in his rescue and care and also for those who have donated towards his vet bills and care. Further updates will be provided later.

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