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11th March - Missy was picked up two days ago in a terrible state. Her foot was horrific and sadly her leg had to be amputated at the hip the following day, due to the nature of the injury and the infection.

13th March - update: Missy is bright, alert and you wouldn't know she is barely out of surgery which removed a limb. A sweeter fox you wouldn't find.... She is now resting after a big bowl of chicken and her meds.

This treatment was only possible because of Foxangels paying almost £600 to save her.

15th March - Update from Lee: Well what a fantastic strong little girl this is. She had her final post op vet check today and the vet was amazed with her progress and how well the wound has healed. No signs of infection, wound separation or fluid build up and her eye is miles better and her vision and response in both eyes is good.

Her remaining rear leg is strong and she has no issues with balance or coordination.

She is much more fox-like and lively now, and she is actively searching her pen for treats and playing with her Teddy and is so inquisitive, as she should be. All of these signs point to a perfect recovery to a healthy fox albeit for a missing leg.

She is almost ready to be on her way to the Sanctuary which she will be calling home to live safely.

23rd March - update from Neil: After a bit of a hectic morning i.e. having had to take one of my beloved huskies to the vets for an operation on her cruciate ligament and meniscus clean up (left rear hind leg), it was great to see Lyz already at mine with fresh bedding for our girl Missy, upon arriving back home.

Lyz administered all her usual meds last night and gave her left eye a good examination after I told her I was worried about it.

Her eye is so very much better, she is also very alert and aware of her surroundings, which is great news. We are still not counting our chickens before they hatch, but all is looking good....keeping fingers very firmly crossed. A big thank you to everyone for all your support and comments through all of this.

How well is Missy coping without that fourth leg?! Amazing!

You can follow Missy's story on her Facebook page: Missy The 3 Legged Fox

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