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Nora's 105th birthday!

We have a lovely story for you, so grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and read on! (Disclaimer: some details removed/changed to protect identities.)

We were contacted by Jo who told us that a very special lady called Nora was celebrating her 105th birthday! Jo also told us that Nora used to rescue and rehabilitate foxes. She gave us some details and the Foxangels team decided to make Nora's birthday a little bit foxy ! This is the first message we received:

Good Morning,

This may seem like a very strange request and might be a bit long winded, so please bear with me. I work in a care home and I care for a lady who is going to turn 105 years old on the 12th August. This amazing human has a back story that I remember well as I grew up in the village where this lady and her family lived. Nora used to rescue, rehabilitate and foster foxes... over the years she cared for so many and, living in the heart of the National Forest surrounded by woodland, there were a lot of foxes needing her help.

Nora was a very kind soul and would often be seen with her "best fox" walking it around the village on a lead, this young fox couldn't be released due to the horrific condition that it was found in, severe injury to its mouth, resulting in the fox losing all of its teeth and only able to eat soft/liquid style foods. Nora cared for this fox and eventually it became her best friend, I personally remember being the the pub with family and looking at a lady (who was old then), who appeared to have a stole around her shoulders. Around half an hour later this "stole" lifted its head and yawned, I have never been so mesmerised in my life!

I moved away from the village in 2002 and to be honest I never thought I'd see Nora again. Fast forward to 2021, I now care for her at my place of work where she still amazes me every single day. Now comes my request... would it be possible or even acceptable for your organisation to send her some of your success stories, maybe with some pictures of the foxes, her room at the home is fox themed, covered in fox teddies and pictures, she also sponsors a fox.

Thank you so much for your time.


How could we resist?!

A few foxy goodies.

A foxy cake!

This is the message we received from Jo, a little while later:

Hello, apologies for the late reply, Nora appeared to enjoy her special day very much, she was able to spend the day with her son, grandchildren and great grandchildren, she had a busy day with plenty of presents and cards to be opened, and 3 birthday cakes to blow out plenty of candles, she even got another card from the Queen!

The day was made better by the beautiful weather and the fact that they could be in the garden so that Nora could watch the children run around.

All of your cards, gifts and well wishes have been amazing, and so much more meaningful to Nora and her family than you and your charity will ever know, I have consent from Nora's son to share a photo of them both and the amazing cake (which was foxtastic)”

Dearest Nora,

All of us at Foxangels hope you had a very happy birthday.

From one rescue to another rescuer, we salute you!

God bless you Nora and thank you Jo for making this possible xx

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