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The Tale of Rusty

Please meet little Rusty 🦊🧡

Rusty was caught on 15th December by two of our newest volunteers, Vicky and Colette. A trap was taken to Rusty’s location several days earlier, where our wonderful volunteers staked the trap out for a good five hours in the pouring rain. The weather kept Rusty at bay but finally, a week later, Rusty was in the trap! Vicky and Colette shot off like a rocket to collect him then drive the two-hour journey to Kent Wildlife Rescue Service (KWRS), where Lorraine checked him over.

At first it was suspected that Rusty had a broken leg, although on the initial examination it looked more like a bad sprain. However, the X-rays showed that Rusty was limping as he’d had a broken elbow in the past, which had healed on its own at an awkward angle. Poor Rusty must have been in such discomfort with his poorly leg, which gave him only 20% mobility, plus he had a touch of conjunctivitis.

Fast forward a few weeks and Rusty is on the mend! He has been receiving expert care, as is always the case with KWRS. He’s had an operation to re-set the old break in his elbow and he now has around 80% mobility, meaning he can walk much better. Rusty’s even taken to playing peek-a-boo, which is always a good sign.

He will need a further 6-8 weeks of rehab with Lorraine at KWRS, then a suitable sanctuary will be found where Rusty can live out the rest of his life in safety, with other foxes who cannot be released back into the wild.

Of course, our goal is always to return foxes to the wild, but sometimes this is not possible for their own safety. So, when the time comes, this beautiful Red will go to a loving home where he’ll be safe forever. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Thank you again to the lady who contacted us about Rusty, Vicky and Colette for their rapid response, Lorraine at KWRS for your continued support and to everyone who kindly donated towards Rusty’s care.

It is with great pleasure that FoxAngels Foundation was able to pay KWRS £2000 today.

If you would like to donate for the love of foxes, please click on one of the PayPal buttons you'll find on our website, or send a bank transfer to:

Fox Angels Foundation

Account No.: 49456732

Sort Code: 08-71-99

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