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Woody Fox Rescue

Evening all Fox Lovers

We wanted to update you with our latest news.

Recently an injured fox called Woody was rescued by Scarlett and the lovely fire crew at Tooting Fire Station. Not all heroes wear capes hey, they wear everyday clothes and protective fire equipment instead.

Woody’s paw was badly shattered from what we suspect was due to a road traffic accident. The surgery went well, the vets did an amazing job and we are very grateful to them and to Lorraine and her volunteers at Kent Wildlife Rescue for taking such great care of Woody after his surgery as the area has to be cleaned and dressed multiple times a day and Woody has to be monitored closely to see how he would and is coping.

The bill for Woody's surgery was just short of £3,000 and we were able to raise around £1,200 towards the operation from all your kind donations so we would like to thank you from the bottom or our hearts for helping Woody and giving him a second chance 😊 This has heavily hit our finances though so extra money donated towards this lovely creature care will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to donate towards Woody’s vet bill and his ongoing care you can do so by hitting the donate button on this post or directly via PayPal on the following link and put Woody's name on the reason for donation:

Post op Woody is doing great, his a strong lad and the paw seems to be healing well and Woody is able to use the paw albeit very small amounts at the moment as he recovers fully.

So we are pleased to tell you that if Woody continues the way he is going and the paw becomes stronger he should be able to use it fully and be returned back to the wild 🦊🧡

What an amazing outcome for Woody, we will always try where we can and PTS for us is always a last resort but we can only do so through donations.

We really appreciate all your continued support. A massive thank you to all of you from us and from Woody 🦊🧡

Please look at our facebook page for regular updates

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