Meet Scarlett the fox that started it all. Back in 2013 when at the side of the road was this helpless little cub roughly two weeks old. We carefully lifted the little cub and took it straight to Vets to get a thorough examination. Upon this, we found out that 'Scarlett' our little cub had a slipping Patella so there was no way this little red was ever going to be released into the wild.

We finally brought her home and bottle and hand fed her until she was old enough to feed herself. Wow, what an appetite this tiny little ball of fur in our hands. We ended up getting a labradoodle that year, Oscar who became her best friend to this very day.

If you wish to sponsor Scarlett please click on the donate button below. Remember if you wish to take advantage of the Fox Visit then a minimum donation of £10 a month for a year is required-remember to select monthly donation. Any support is really appreciated.

Charity number 1183633

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