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a trio of foxes

At the Fox Angels Foundation's sanctuary, we care for many foxes who cannot be released into the wild.

Some of our foxes were brought to us with physical injuries or disabilities which leave them unsuitable for release back into the wild.  We also house a small number of domestic foxes who became homeless for various reasons.

We look after various  foxes comes as no surprise that this takes lots of time, effort and money to undertake such an operation.

This is why any help anyone can give us, whether by volunteering a little bit of your time, sending us a monetary donation or ordering something from our Amazon Wishlist, is greatly appreciated.

For anyone wishing to sponsor one of our foxes, please see the options below:

£10 per month provides a week's worth of food (fresh chicken, eggs and dog meat)

£15 per month helps with the above plus bedding & enrichment items (toys, treats, etc.) .

£20 per month will go towards the above and some rescue equipment (catch poles, crates, etc.).

£25 per month helps us with all the above plus vet's fees for check ups, surgery, medicine, etc.

Any surplus money from sponsorships as with all donations will be put towards helping ill foxes by their capture, treatment, temporary housing and release of wild ill foxes.

If you wish to make a monthly donation please select the monthly option on the button.

You can donate via PayPal using the donate button at the top of the page.

On your PC/Laptop: hover your cursor over "Sponsor a fox" at the top of our page to see a drop-down menu of our foxes.  Click on each name to see that fox's profile.  You can sponsor your favourite foxes from here by clicking on the 'donate' button.

Alternatively, please click one of the photos below and click the donate button on their page.

Donate via bank transfer

If you prefer, you can make a transfer to Fox Angels via bank transfer.  

Please make bank transfers and standing orders payable to:

Name:         Fox Angels Foundation
Account:    49456732
Sort code:  08-71-99

If you just wish to send us a one off donation, please click on the donate button.

FoxAngels Sponsor Anchor

Click on his picture for his story.


Click on her picture for her story.


Named after a famous Egyptian queen because Cleo looks like she's wearing eyeliner.  

Click on her picture for her story.


Byron is a domesticated Calico fox.

Click on his picture for his story.


Click on her picture for her story.


Click on the picture for Zelda's story.


Click on Bracken's picture to see his story.

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