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Fox Angel Foundation founder
Angie Peterson

It is with a broken heart and much sadness that we announce Angie Paterson, our founder, friend and inspiration, passed away at the end of April (2022)
Angie was a force for good and was always eager to help any fox in need. From providing advice and medication, to arranging rescues, surgeries and rehabilitation, she was very much ‘hands-on’ and at the forefront of animal welfare.

Naturally, Angie was vehemently anti-hunt and campaigned tirelessly to end this barbaric tradition. Let’s hope her dream can be realised very soon.
It’s all due to this amazing woman that Foxangels Foundation has become the wonderful organisation it is and we will continue to help foxes, as Angie would have wanted.
Deepest condolences to all of Angie’s family and friends. May the pain of your loss be replaced with the fondness of your memories. 💔

(Written May 2022 following Angie's passing)

Angie - Jude Grey .jpg
Angie - Mitch Tuffill.jpg

Photo Credit
Jude Gray

Photo Credit
Mitch Tuffell

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