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Many of us have visiting foxes to our gardens and we often get asked what is best to feed them, click below to access out basic guide and also a version you can print off and keep

What to do if you find a cub/cubs

At the end of Winter and start of Spring we get many people contacting us because they've found a lone cub with no sign of Mum - would you know what to do?

Lorraine Fox - Socks - London

Mary Becker - Piglet - East Sussex

Ruth Baggins - Baby = Hampshire

Marian Pierce - Nicky

Jaki Dobson - Foxy loxy - Hertfordshire

Jackie Stratton - Mumma - Hayes

Stuart Shafran - Berkshire

Sharon Hughes - Chicken wing breakfast - Scotland

Help & Advice

Fox Feeding Guide


Some facts (and falsehoods) about our red foxes

Foxes and the law

We often get asked about legalities when it comes to our foxy friends so the Fox Project have kindly let us share this information from their page

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