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Volunteer as a

We are a national UK charity and have a small team of remote volunteers who ensure our Helpline is manned from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, as well as requests for medication to treat foxes that people feed, we often get rescue requests for various areas across the UK and at present are fairly short on experienced rescuers outside of the London area.

We are ideally looking for rescuers with some experience, a suitable car and equipment who are ready to hit the ground running when we get a rescue request in your area.

Trapping a fox will always be a last resort and we try treat as many ailments we can through sending people medication which they can target feed to their visiting foxes but of course sometimes that's just not enough, we are currently building a resource for our team highlighting all of the rescues, volunteers, fox friendly vets and other key locations around the UK to make it easier when we do get a rescue request to be able to get the fox help as quickly as possible.


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